Creative Uses for Your Wine Bottles

Leftover wine bottles? Do you let it dump on recycle bin? It's good to save a few of your wine bottles and make it as a decorative items on your living room. I know you have still an empty bottles of wine that you and your partner are drinking when you propose, isn't nice to save those memorable bottles? Many bottles are beautiful works of art and that glass has to be useful for something other than being junk to recycle bin. So here are some creative uses for your wine bottles.

Center Table

Corner Living Table


Corkscrew Lamps


Lighting Fixture


Self Watering Planter

 Tealight Holders



Flower Vases

Wine Table

Christmas Light

Candle Holders

Wine Shelves

Christmas Tree

Tiki Lamps

Bell Chime

Hot Water

Glass House, Prince Edward Island

Drinking Glasses

Buddhist Temple 

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