Recycled Cardboard Furniture

Cardboard furniture is a furniture designed to be made from corrugated fiberboard, heavy paperboard, or fiber tubes. Recycling old pieces of cardboard into useful and practical home furnishings is an eco-friendly ways that will have your living a more environmentally conscious lifestyle. Cardboard furniture can be strong, beautiful, and eco-friendly to boot. These creative designs are here to offer an eco alternative to ordinary furnishings.

Sala Set

Stool & Table

Waiting Lounge Chair

Stool Bar

Center Table

Side Table

Cardboard Couch

Recycled Table

Cardboard Furniture Set

Innovative Cardboard Table

Radiolarian Cardboard Furniture

Baby Chair

Innovative Chair

Cardboard Couch

Cardboard Side Table

Simple Cardboard Chair

17 Stunning Old Umbrella Decor

The rains you've got this year completely wore out your old umbrella, but hated to throw it away? well instead of tossing it into the recycling bin box here are a few ideas for recycling and reusing that wore out old umbrella as a decor.

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