Easy Valentine's Day Crafts

These easy, last minute Valentine’s Day crafts DIY is a fun and easy activity for kids and adults too. It’s very easy to do and involves using recycled materials. Here are some gift crafts you can celebrate valentines day on a budget. I hope that everyone has an amazing Valentine's Day, and remember, it doesn’t need to be a holiday to show someone how much you care!

Bracelet Collections Made from Recycled Materials

Hi crafters, are you looking for some cool at home craft project to make or you might be looking for some easy handmade gifts. Well these recycled bracelet collections fit both of these bills. Elegant looking and great with jeans, it's the perfect unisex piece of jewelry that will match everything in your closet... equally stunning on women and men. Try to slip one of these recycled bracelet on your wrist and you'll be suprised at the compliments you might receive! 

Paper Beads Bracelet

Pop Tabs Bracelets

Bike Chain Bracelet

Zipper Bracelet

Soda Can Bracelet

Button Dangle Bracelet

Candy Wrappers Bracelet

Guitar String Bracelet

Colored Pencil Bracelet

Printer Cable Bracelet

Resistor Bracelet

Ruler Bracelet

Safety Pin Cuff Bracelet

Spoon Bracelet

Teacup Bracelet

Telephone Wire Bracelet

Toothbrush Bracelet

Bottle Cap Bracelet

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