Recycled Scrap Metals into Unique Sculptures

 Sculpture artist uses scavenged scrap metals to create these amazing figurative sculptures. Some artist uses molds taken from live human and animal form models and other uses their imagination and creativity. Artist meticulously welded together scrap steel parts into these wonderful and inspiring pieces.


Upcycled Old Kitchen Utensils

Many of us gather up our old used things and simply throw it out. But sometimes trash is trash and we often fail to realize that a lot of the stuff that we throw out can be transformed into something else that’s useful. Like an old kitchen utensils on your junkroom, there’s still probably a million other things it can be made for. And if you can’t make something useful out of this stuff, you can still probably make something beautiful as well. Here are some amazing and creative ways how you can use it once again. Take a look!

Recycling Abandoned Musical Instruments

Listening to music is everybody's joy and playing with musical instrument can give you even more joy. But this instruments suffer a lot of abuse over the years and there comes a time it will wear out and cannot go on any more. It can't be played anymore due to broken parts beyond repair. Repurposing your musical instruments allow you to continue to show off even though it doesn't play anymore. Let me show you some creative ideas in repurposing your musical instruments.

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