Last Minute Christmas Tree Ideas

Interesting Last Minute Christmas Tree Ideas
This holiday season, one of the things we are excited about is dressing up the centrepiece of our homes – our Christmas Tree! If you are tired of decorating and thinking of how to match your ornaments and lightings better check out these last minute Christmas trees. Be different this year!  Have fun creating your Christmas Masterpiece!  

 Disposable Rubber Gloves 

Recycled Christmas Gift Wrappers Ideas

Newspaper Wrapper


Magazine pages

Maps Wrapper

Button Design Wrapper

Busted Christmas Light Bow

Newspaper Bows

Newspaper Wrapper and Bow

Polo Shirt Wrapper

Colored Magazine pages

Colored Newspaper Wrapper

Shirt Sleeve Wine Wrapper

Newspaper Wine Wrapper

Recycled Tabletop Christmas Trees Ideas

As we all know that many of us loves Christmas, because it's time for the whole family to get together, have a dinner together and chat till morning and simply enjoying the Christmas atmosphere. Well in order to have a Christmas atmosphere in your house you need as many decorations as possible and one of this are the tabletop Christmas trees. We collect this tabletop Christmas tree ideas to turn your tables into an awesome parts of your home's Christmas decoration. 

Toilet Paper Roll

Busted Lamp

Old Books

Soda Plastic Bottle

Wine Corks

Old Ribbons

Old Magazine/Newspaper Pages

Old Newspapers

Telephone Directory Pages

Woodland Driftwood

Button Cone

Cupcake Liner 

Folded and Punched Paper 

Folded Paper and Paper Roll Glittered 

Magazine Pages Pasted on Cardboard

Paper Confetti 

Pipe Cleaner

Ruffled Felt Discs

Penguin Christmas Ornament Tutorial

Pop plastic bottles to make adorable penguin Christmas ornaments 

Instructions :
1.) Two (2) liter pop plastic bottle (you can use smaller pop bottles to make smaller Penguins) you will cut through the top half of the plastic with a sharp knife of one of the pop bottle.

2.) Place the the one piece you just cut & place 2 pieces of pop bottle together.

3.) Use either hot glue gun or regular glue & glue the pieces together.

4.) Use White Gesso to cover the pop bottle.

5.) Draw with a black marker like in the photo #5.

6.) With Black Acrillic Paint paint around the outside of the belly line & bellow the bottle you glues on.

7.) Use whatever Acrillic paint color you want for your penguins hat for the base color.

8.) Chose another Acrillic color for the polka dots, snowflakes or stars you put on the hat.

9.) Paint 2 dots for the eyes in black paint & with orange paint make a small triangle for his/her nose.

10.) cut up new dish towel for scarves & cut ends to fringe. Tie the scarf around the neck.

11.) Use pom pom as a tassel & glue on hat.

Enjoy Your New Penguin Christmas Ornaments

Recycled Mason Jar Snow Globes Tutorial

Create a Winter Wonderland in a Jar, almost any kind of jar will works for this decors: olive jars, Baby-food, and pimiento are all good choices. Try to buy plastic or ceramic figurines at flea markets, craft store and hobby.

Materials needed:
mason jars and other jars of various sizes such as salt shakers, 
spice jars, jam jars, pickle jars
Small christmas trees
other holiday items you may want to glue
mini ball ornaments
glue gun
Epsom salts  

Take a various trees and glued them to the lids of the jars.  Added a little Epsom salt to desired amount into the jar. Close the lid and turn upside down. That's it!

A different jar, Took little trees and glued the ornaments onto the bottom of the trees and then put them in the jar upside down, added salt, closed the jar and those just float freely.

Such a simple project and so impressive! You'll love upcycling items you already have laying around.

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