Recycled Tin Can Wine Rack Instruction

Every one of us love a greener home and one of the things you can do is to recycled useful object on your house. Look around and you will see an ordinary coffee and vegetable tin cans, by this you can create wine rack. Pick a can that fit on your wine bottles like small coffee cans, large jam cans, pop tab fruit cans with a pull top are all can be used for this easy and creative project. 

Tools Needed:
MultiTool and accessories
Soldering Iron and solder
Can opener
Satin Paint Spray

Remove the bottom of the tin using a tin opener, then wash and dry the can.
Flatten the edges around the inside of tin can using a pair of plier.
Smooth the top and bottom of the inside rough cut edges of the can by multitool and sanding band to make it safe (this will dull the edges of the tin).

Set your tin can from bottom to top according to your like and soldered the edges or rims of the tin can.

Sand the soldered area to make it tidy and smooth.

For finishing, apply two coats of satin spray inside and out of the can according to your color choice.

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