Creative Reuse and Recycling Ideas for Interior Decorating

Recycling ideas, reducing waste of resources and personal consumption, protecting the environment and using green technology for house and decorating are hot topics today. People are getting into recycled crafts for creating beautiful eco friendly products for modern homes.

Recycling Old Cups for Curtain Holders

Soda Can Mirror Frame

Recycling Old Suitcases for Room Furniture

Elegant Lookin Recycled Chandeliers

This design projects revolving around the collections of waste objects, and, in a consumer driven world where much of it ends up in a landfill, this amazing that a creative genius can transform part poppers into a functional design. "The objects are normally collected in large quantities categorized and assembled to transform an elegant looking design.

Simple Ideas you Can Do Yourself at Home

There are thousands of ways you can recycle and reuse products that you no longer use, and end up in the trash. Simple ideas that you can do yourself at home without special tools or great skills. Like the pictures below, where your simple creativity standout.

Bracelet Nuts

Chandelier Ball 

Cover Table Bottle Caps

Greenhouse Plants Made of PET Bottles

Handles Made of Broken Dolls

Key and Letterholder Tennis Ball

Tin Can Penholder

Recycling Broken Vase

Recycling Tube of Toothpaste

 Pencil and Brush Support made ​​of old brush

Trash Bottle PET

Vase Made from Recycled Magazines

Recycling Done Right Toys Fashioned from Old Sandals

Kenyan company turns old rubber sandals into colorful array of toys and safari animals. The Kenya's Ocean Sole sandal recycling company is cleaning the East African country's beaches of used, washed-up flip-flops and other sandals. About 45 workers in Nairobi make 100 different products from the discarded flip-flops. In 2008, the company shipped an 18-foot giraffe to Rome for display during a fashion week. Company founder Julie Church says the goal of her company is to create products that people want to buy. Church first noticed Kenyan children turning flip-flops into toy boats around 1999. Turtles hatching on the beach had to fight their way through the debris on beaches to get to the ocean, Church said, and a plan to clean up the debris and create artistic and useful items gained momentum. WWF ordered 15,000 key rings, and her eco-friendly project took off.

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