Work with Nature !

Flower gardening is an art - the activity and craft of growing plants, with a goal of creating a wonderful & beautiful world around. Fresh air and a waste free environment. Growing flowers is an admiration for many people, a dream for so many and a full-time work for some others like who grow flower gardens for commercial purposes. Growing flowers thus serves the interests of diverse peoples. It's necessitates a lot of patience, love, & care, indeed an exciting adventure. A beautiful garden is truly an affordable luxury, work with nature, rather than fighting it, nature tends to win anyway!

Recycled Crafts from Ping Pong Balls

Plastic recycling is a part of green living and recycled crafts and creative design ideas bring fun into our life and brighten up our homes with one of a kind creations. And one of this creative ideas is to reuse Ping Pong balls. You can create unique lighting, handmade gifts, cheap house decors for the holidays and everyday life. This are one great ways of reusing items for protecting the environment.

Recycling Old Doors

Old doors is a strong piece of material that can easily be reused into pretty much of anything: add table legs and you’ve got a center table; add some wheels and you’ve got a coffee table, add doors behind your bed to create a headboard in an instant, hang it on the wall and you'll have a wall decor or a picture frames. This post features a whole range of reusing and recycling your old doors.

Wall Decor

Center Table


Corner Shelf

House Decor

Picture Frames

Front Entry Coat Stand

Garden Gate


Movable Lighting without Wall Damage

Porch Swing

Potting Bench Design

Sweet Garden Retreat

Room Divider

Amazing Shadow Art Sculptures from Trash

Cautious arranging pieces of junk and scrap waste to create an amazing and detailed shadow art sculptures. A piles of trash you’re left wondering why anyone think of them as an art. There’s really nothing special about them, just a combination of scrap, waste and junk materials that always seems to represent the same thing. But as soon as you lighted the projector, the real masterpiece magically appears in the background. It’s obvious that the artist spends time patiently putting in order every little part of this sculptures, making sure they cast the right shadow when light shines from a right angle.

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