Wind Spinner Cans Christmas Ornaments

Give new life to your waste soda can and create your own homemade Christmas ornaments. Handmade ornaments also make great gifts. Creating homemade ornaments is also a great way to involve the whole family, it's always fun to mark the year with a Christmas ornament made by your creative (with cautious) kids. And this wind spinning Christmas ornaments is one of a kind to create.

How it's Done !

Elegant Looking Recycled Soda Can Tabs Gift for Christmas

Save yourself from shopping this year by simply doing a DIY project, perfect holiday gifts for every relatives and friend! Take a look at this elegant looking recycled soda can tabs that everyone’s wishing for this Christmas, Save your cash and spend some time crafting for this holiday season!

American actress Kristen Stewart wearing soda can tabs bracelet

Christmas Tree Out of Empty Bottles in Kaunas, Lithuania

Creating beautiful Christmas trees these day need not expensive, like this 42-foot Christmas tree made of plastic bottles and zip ties. Artist Jolanta Smidtiene create a tree that would be beautiful and more importantly, frugal. Jolanta created a series of half-spheres and fashioned them into a discount tannenbaum. When lit up, the tree is a glorious reminder of how resourceful people can be when faced with obstacles. 

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