Upcycling Old Eyeglass Cases

Here in How-to-Recycle, we are always looking for a ways to reuse and recycle everyday things and objects. We haven’t done a post about how can we reuse eyeglass cases. Today we just find new uses for those extra cases laying around your house. Get inspired! Always in the green and saving mode and think of ways to upcycle eyeglass cases.


How To Recycle Old Bath Towels

We do all have bath towels in our cupboards, and some of the  areas of a towel may be worn out than the others, ripped off or just don't quite fit anymore to repair. So what can we do with them? Before thinking of throwing away the whole towel, how about giving them a second life. Remember that the newer parts of the bath towel can still be recycled in many ways. Now take a look below!

Upcycled Colored Pencils Accesories

Creating these fashionable accesories made of colored pencils or pencil crayon without harming the environment is not so hard to achive. These artistic design forming process reveals the inside of the pencil as it displays the colored lead and the wood that provides the artistic and stylish look.

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