Recycled Art – Sculptures from Throw Away Plastic Toys

Designer Robert Bradford, our own talented childish older artist, produces their life-size and heroic sculptures of human beings and creatures coming via throw away plastic-type things, mostly toys but in addition some various different multi-colored plastic bits and pieces, for example combs and control keys, brushes and also parts of clothing pegs.


Think Before You Trash It !

Think Again !

Awesome Plastic Bottle Creativity

Plastic Bottle Broom

Plastic Bottle Decor

Plastic Bottle Vessels

Plastic Bottle Colorful Parking Canopy

Recycled Soda Can Jewelry

Recycled Soda Can Bangles

Dog & Cat Soda Can Necklace

Soda Can Earings

Recycled Soda Can Necklace 
Soda Can Bracelet

Recycled Bottle Caps

Recycling Bottle Caps

Cap Pendants
Cap Tray

Cap Flowers

Cap Picture Frame
Cap Pencil Cup
Pencil Cup

Cap Mirror Frame

Cap Wall Mirror

Cap Bracelet

Cap Bangles

Cap Necklace

Cap Necklaces

Cap Necklace

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