Recycled Christmas Angel Ornaments

Christmas need not be an excuse to drop your recycling efforts. With a little creativity and some waste materials probably around your house you can create totally unique little Christmas angel decor. Each one is handmade from a junk and scrap items.You can use as Christmas tree ornaments, wall decor or as gifts. Very easy to make and the decorating possibilities are endless! 


Plastic Bottles

Music Note Pages

Paper Plates

Cloth Scraps

Soda Can

Softdrink Can

Pearl and Wire

Christmas Cards

Cards and Soda Cap

Beaded Wires

Cards and Bottle Cap

Folded Book Page

Aluminum Can

Plastic Bottle

Beer Can

Magazine Pages

Soda Can

Printed Circuit Board

Plastic Cups Wreath and Decor Tutorial

Plastic cups like dixie cups, party cups, soda cups etc. aren't just for drinking out of. You can keep those plastic cups after using and repurpose them into crafts, decoration, gifts, wreaths and more. Actually it's pretty easy to make a decor and wreath, just a little bit time consuming but worth the waiting. Try one!

Christmas Ornaments from Toilet Paper Rolls

As we all know that after our toilet paper is over we usually throw away the remaining cardboard roll, but not anymore, we can create unending ideas and crafts for the coming holiday to make. No shortage of rolls supplies needed to make these Christmas ornaments and decors. Some crafts below are easy to do with the kids and some are for older children and adults creativity. 

Uncommon Christmas Decor on a Budget

Majority of us are looking to cut costs now a days, as well as finding ways to lessen landfill waste. As per record, americans spend over 15 billion dollars every year on new holiday decors, which are generally packaged in items that end up in the garbage. With the holidays in full swing, we urged people to recycle materials for their Christmas decorations this year. Use recycled items you would normally consider something to fill your home with Christmas spirit. This will help save money as well as address the garbage problem that piles up during the holiday season.

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