Recycled Way to Wrap Up Christmas Gifts

A cool recycled way to wrap up Christmas gifts this year ! 
Need pointers on how to wrap a present? All you need is a recycled plastic softdrink bottle and a colorful ribbons. See this picture for easy-to-follow instructions, You have now a holiday wrapping ideas!

Recycled Wall Art Designs

Give traditional wall art a fresh spin by creating your own. It's about time to redecorating our homes, which means a perfect time for some DIY inspiration. There are hundred of different ways to make amazing art for the walls of your home. Here's an  idea to fit your home and your budget. 

Magazine Pages 

Old Beer Cans  

Barcode Wall 

Book Wall  


Children's Book  

Computer KeyBoard

Paint Can  

Toilet Paper Roll  

Magazine Paper

Pencil Wall Art  

Vinyl Records Wall Art

Recycled Toy Capsules  

Vinyl Records  

Bottle Glass  

Window Shutters 

Wood Scraps  

Recycled Christmas Angel Ornaments

Christmas need not be an excuse to drop your recycling efforts. With a little creativity and some waste materials probably around your house you can create totally unique little Christmas angel decor. Each one is handmade from a junk and scrap items.You can use as Christmas tree ornaments, wall decor or as gifts. Very easy to make and the decorating possibilities are endless! 


Plastic Bottles

Music Note Pages

Paper Plates

Cloth Scraps

Soda Can

Softdrink Can

Pearl and Wire

Christmas Cards

Cards and Soda Cap

Beaded Wires

Cards and Bottle Cap

Folded Book Page

Aluminum Can

Plastic Bottle

Beer Can

Magazine Pages

Soda Can

Printed Circuit Board

Recycled Santa Claus Ornaments

One important part of our holiday tradition are Christmas ornament and decors. It will cost you a lot when buying those ornaments in the market and needed careful storage are require. Unlike the recycled decor, you can also create unique and pretty decor for a fraction of the cost. Materials are made probably out of your house waste, not only an environmental friendly but will expose your creativity. Just a little patience to make, effort, originality and a lot of glue and paint. And one of these ornament are the recycled Santa Claus. Try it !

Santa Toilet Roll

Santa Light Bulb

Santa Fan Blade

Readers Digest Book Santa

Santa Wine Bottle

Santa Can

Santa Soda can

Santa Toilet Roll

Hinge Santa

Santa Light Bulb

Santa Lighted Bottle

Santa Bowling Pins

Santa Soda Can 

Santa Brush

Santa Busted Bulb

Santa Bottle Wine

Santa Bowling Pin

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