Recycling Old Car Body Parts

There are amazing contemporary furniture designers out there that are taking old car body parts and turning them into a modern furniture. A unique idea of recycling auto body into tables, chairs, sofas and even beds. Truly attracts guests attention. If you are a cars lover and appreciate unique furniture design, you will enjoy the images below, you better check your junk yard of an old car body parts!!

Gorgeous Test Tube Flower Vases

Did you know that this small glass test tubes usually use in chemical experiments can also be recycled into an attractive glass vases. By decorating with flowers this will look fresh, pleasant and gorgeous on any room, living room, dinner table, shelf, hallways or even in bathroom. These little glass vases add elegant to your room decor. Try and enjoy !

Sweden's Waste Is Now 99 % Recycled

There’s a “recycling revolution” happening in Sweden – one that has pushed the country closer to zero waste than ever before. In fact, less than one per cent of Sweden's household garbage ends up in landfills today. 

The Scandinavian country has become so good at managing waste, they have to import garbage from the UK, Italy, Norway and Ireland to feed the country’s 32 waste-to-energy (WTE) plants, a practice that has been in place for years
“Waste today is a commodity in a different way than it has been. It’s not only waste, it’s a business,” explained Swedish Waste Management communications director Anna-Carin Gripwell in a statement.   Read more

The basics of sustainable waste management in animated form, produced for the Östergötland County Council in Sweden, for the "Waste To Energy" EU project. 

Toilet Paper Roll Wall Artworks

Toilet paper roll is one of life's little necessities, the tube cardboard in it have also an impact on the environment. Try to recycle it with this easy and fun wall artworks. For sure after you try creating this crafts you will gonna say, "why didn't I think of that?

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