Paper Works!

"Reuse Paper and Reduce Plastic"
Reuse minimizes the amount of trash you produce and conserves resources. You can help the environment by reusing paper. Many of our everyday paper items can be reused and kept out of landfills. It takes much LESS fuel to make new paper from old paper than it does to produce new paper from raw materials. Save the trees and reduce fuel consumption by recycling. Get the most out of the paper you already have by trying the practical and crafty ideas below to reuse it before you recycle it. Waste Paper can be re used in so many ways, be creative! 

Paper Basket

Paper Beads

Paper Bowl

Paper Tray

Paper Holder

Mirror Frame

Paper Picture Frame

Paper Pot Holder

Paper Table Design

Paper Trash Basket

Paper Beads Necklace

Wall Paper Picture Frame

Paper Necklace

Waste Paper Basket


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