Recycled LampShades

Recycled Lampshades

Dressing soda tabs each row with a ROYGBIV paint scheme


Cut assorted fabric remnants into long strips and then tie them in alternating layers around the perimeter of a metal lampshade frame

Denim scraps can be sewn together for a weathered lampshade

Fitting metal soda can tabs together like puzzle pieces will yield a slick-looking shade with a slightly industrial edge

Old picture slides, photo negatives lampshade

Pastel- and neon-coated ping-pong balls will shine new light on your design possibilities.

Rolled-up or coiled magazine pages make a surprisingly attractive lampshade

Venture down the road less traveled with a handmade map lampshade

X-ray film lampshade

Defective fluorescent lampshade

Recycled Rope Craft Ideas

Recycled rope crafts is fun, simple as knots tying to create flower vase or lampshades for instance. And for a simple weaving techniques to create doormats or decor for your living room. The results in some useful objects is awesome and the textures of the finish product is like an antique collection. 






Creative Ways to Recycled Old Stuff

Looking around our house, we do have a lots of stuff in which we no longer use and serve any purpose and we still have trouble getting rid of it. Well be a little bit of creative by reusing and recycling this garbage things around. 

Old Belts

Old Suitcase

Key Holder

Bike Wheel Clock

Drum Kit into Chandelier

Bottle Caps Into Tea Lights

Bottles Into Pendant Lamps

CD Spindle Into Sandwich Holder

Glass Marbles Into Fence Decor

Old Bathtub Into Couch

Old Computer Casing Into Mailbox

Old Ladder Into Bookshelf

Old Piano Into Bookshelf

Old Piano Into Outdoor Fountain

Old TV Into Aquarium

Tennis Rackets Into Mirrors

Old Cassette Tape Into Purse

Toilet Seat Into a Wall Mirror

Rubber Boots Into Bag

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