Recycled Wine Cork

What do you do with that cork you just popped out of a wine bottle? Most likely you throw it away. Cork is a renewable crop; cork tree barks grow back nine years after harvest. Why not keep the cycle going with used corks? We all pop more than 13 billion corks every year. So here are some uses of thrown out cork.

Cork Pot Holder

Cork Chair

Bath Mat


Reclaimed Flooring

Pot Holder

Cork Bat Mat

Cork Chair

Recycled Wine Cork Stopper Stool Set

Cork Planter

Cork Art

Recycle Office Furniture

Wine Corks to Give a Plain Basket a New Life

Recycled Towering Christmas Trees

A Christmas tree is a decorated tree, usually an evergreen conifer such as spruce, or pine or fir, traditionally associated with the celebration of Christmas. But this time we will feature recycled Christmas tree crafted for exceptional beauty, creativity and convenience. A fabulous collection for DIY individuals. Why don't you give it a try.

Shopping Carts

Stuff Toys

Beer Bottles

Bottle Christmas Tree 

Plastic Softdrink Bottles

Glass Bottles 

Plastic Bottles

Water Plastic Bottles

Soda Can 

Water Plastic Containers 

Vinyl Bags, Glass and Plastic Bottles 

Magazine Pages 

Cool Recycled Christmas Lanterns

Yuletide season is about to come again and in preparation for the said holiday, we are going to inspire you to DIY some creative and traditional Christmas lantern (parol) decor. The ingenuity behind the parol making was done by recycled materials like plastic bottles, soda can, spoon and fork etc.

Recycled Spoon

Made from Tahong Sea Shell & Bottle Caps

PET Bottles and Soda Can

Plastic Bottles and Car Tire

Plastic Spoon and Fork

Plastic Fork and Straw

Plastic Fork and Cups

Plastic Caps and Bottles


Candy Wrappers

Colored Magazine Pages

Soda Straws

Plastic Caps and Bottles

Plastic Yakult Bottles

Plastic Cups

Plastic Soda Bottles

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How to Recycle