Recycled Miniature Fairy Garden Designs

Recycled Miniature fairy garden designs in small container and flower planters gardening creates tiny realistic landscapes that reflect charming beauty of real natural setting. It's an art of capturing wonderful details that create peaceful and pleasant places. Here are some beautiful miniature garden designs created to give life on your outdoor living spaces. 

Trash Fashion Show

 This popular fashion show has never failed to surprise and entertain the crowd, see extraordinary people transforming garbage to glamour and strutting their stuff down the catwalk.

Plastic Bags and Magazine Pages

Gorgeous Dress Made from Old Magazines & Garbage Bags

TIME (magazine) not Wasted

Plastic Cups

Trash Fash CD

Soda Tabs

Potato Chip Bags

Can Corset Dress

TrashFashion Garden Hose

TrashFashion Playing Cards

Recycled Denim Jeans Dress

Just when I thought the denim dress had retired.... Katy Perry brings it back! A levi 501′s jeans in various shades of indigo, cut up and reconstructed to create a new denim fashion design.

Katy Perry brings denim dress back!
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Beautiful Vases Made of Pencils

This Guy Took A Bunch Of Pencils And Had A Crazy Idea. Amazing result!!  Finnish artist Tuomas Markunpoika makes beautiful vases, but what those vases are made out of makes them even more impressive. Yes, Markunpoika uses wood, but not just any kind. To make his vases, he uses the lumber of talking trees that gained magical powers from being struck by lightening multiple times on the eve of summer solstice--I mean pencils. He uses pencils to make his vases. Less dramatic, but still pretty cool! Take a look at how Markunpoika does it.

First, he glues the pencils to a sheet.

Then he uses a machine lathe...

to shape them.

The result !!

A close-up...

Colored pencils.

Resulting in some captivating and unique vases.

Early Sunrise to Greet You !

So nice to wake-up early in the morning with this refreshing scene, no air pollution and a waste free environment. 

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