Recycling Bike Chain

One man's trash is another man's treasure. These recycled bicycle chains are truly a treasure, strong, durable and unique to wear. Check out how creative and stylish these "new to you" items are...!


Braided Bracelets

Hidden Link Bracelet

Twin Cable Bracelet

Wall Clock




Second Generation Chain Mail Choker

Cool Bracelet

Gold Chain Bracelet 

Cuff Bracelets

Picture Frame

Chain Bowl

Tea Light Holders


Penguin Christmas Ornaments

Pop plastic bottles to make adorable penguin Christmas ornaments 

Instructions :
1.) Two (2) liter pop plastic bottle (you can use smaller pop bottles to make smaller Penguins) you will cut through the top half of the plastic with a sharp knife of one of the pop bottle.

2.) Place the the one piece you just cut & place 2 pieces of pop bottle together.

3.) Use either hot glue gun or regular glue & glue the pieces together.

4.) Use White Gesso to cover the pop bottle.

5.) Draw with a black marker like in the photo #5.

6.) With Black Acrillic Paint paint around the outside of the belly line & bellow the bottle you glues on.

7.) Use whatever Acrillic paint color you want for your penguins hat for the base color.

8.) Chose another Acrillic color for the polka dots, snowflakes or stars you put on the hat.

9.) Paint 2 dots for the eyes in black paint & with orange paint make a small triangle for his/her nose.

10.) cut up new dish towel for scarves & cut ends to fringe. Tie the scarf around the neck.

11.) Use pom pom as a tassel & glue on hat.

Enjoy Your New Penguin Christmas Ornaments

Recycling Old Crutches

Don't just throw those old crutches away. There are some ways to make use of those old crutches, it's either donate it on the NGOs near your community (non-governmental organization) or you can recycle like the one you see below. You can create furniture, shelf or even decoration on your living room. So you better walk and try !!

Eco-Friendly Modern Christmas Trees

Modern Christmas trees are  rare, innovative and unique. A piece of art christmas decoration for the holiday, easy to put up, take down and can be flat-packed and easily stored during the rest of the year. Try it this year !!

Cardboard Christmas Trees

Cascades Recycled Christmas Trees

SuperStar Christmas Trees - Modernica

Alpine Tree Cardboard-Safari

One of a Kind Lighting Fixtures

Creativity is boundless, this one of a kind recycled lighting designs prove it. Turning ideas into impressive and creative lighting fixtures that look truly stunning. Plumbing materials, bicycle parts, hats, wooden tennis rackets and even old rusted milk bucket are an innovative alternative to lacking interest lampshades and ceiling lights.

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