Re-used CD's Christmas Trees

This Christmas tree "garbage" that has been seen at Thapae Gate, the central square in Chiang Mai City, North Thailand and at the shopping district Mean streets of Bangkok are purely made from used CD's. A combination of works of art and creativity in using waste materials. It's a striking sight that fuses the traditional with the contemporary.

Thapae Gate

(Shopping District) Mean Streets of Bangkok

Recycled Christmas Decor Video Tutorials

Before you rush out to the department store for a holiday decor, think first and pay a visit to your storage room, garage and attic. You may find a waste items here to turn into a Christmas decor, no need to break your bank, use what you have, save on decor and go on frugal holiday. Just a simple strategies and a dash of creativity can go a long, long way when it comes to decorating. Try all these tutorials for a festive--yet frugal--home.




Wind Spinner Cans Christmas Ornaments

Give new life to your waste soda can and create your own homemade Christmas ornaments. Handmade ornaments also make great gifts. Creating homemade ornaments is also a great way to involve the whole family, it's always fun to mark the year with a Christmas ornament made by your creative (with cautious) kids. And this wind spinning Christmas ornaments is one of a kind to create.


How it's Done !

Another Unique Christmas Decor Ideas

These unique Christmas home decoration ideas don't have to break the bank. Not only will add festive flair and cheer to any home ... but also add life on your holidays budget.

Old Car Tires

Old Newspapers

Plastic Softdrinks Bottle

Beer in Cans

Used Plastic Spoon

Old Small Toys

Soda Can Carolers

Soda Can Santa Bears

Plastic Cups Wreath and Decor Tutorial

Plastic cups like dixie cups, party cups, soda cups etc. aren't just for drinking out of. You can keep those plastic cups after using and repurpose them into crafts, decoration, gifts, wreaths and more. Actually it's pretty easy to make a decor and wreath, just a little bit time consuming but worth the waiting. Try one!



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