Recycled Wine Cork

What do you do with that cork you just popped out of a wine bottle? Most likely you throw it away. Cork is a renewable crop; cork tree barks grow back nine years after harvest. Why not keep the cycle going with used corks? We all pop more than 13 billion corks every year. So here are some uses of thrown out cork.

Cork Pot Holder

Cork Chair

Bath Mat


Reclaimed Flooring

Pot Holder

Cork Bat Mat

Cork Chair

Recycled Wine Cork Stopper Stool Set

Cork Planter

Cork Art

Recycle Office Furniture

Wine Corks to Give a Plain Basket a New Life

Creative Wall Clock Arts

One of the oldest human inventions was the clock, it often serves as a wall-decoration not to mention it's telling the exact time too. Below are the recycled clock designs that will look good on any wall in your home.

Bike Wheel

Recycled Magazines

Old Turntable

Aluminum Hubcap

Big Bike Wheel 

Magnetic Tape Reel

Circuit Board

Shotgun Shells

Computer Keyboard

Recycled Kitchen Utensils

Recycled art is really getting all the attention these days, this innovative craft below are made from old kitchen utensils, this shows how unwanted materials can be turned into beautiful works of art, transforming them into emotive sculptures that are still useful and also visually appealing at the same time. Pretty cool and it also comes with a sense of gratification that will not come even with the most and the best expensive works of art.

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