Creative Upcycling Tube Car Tires

We normally see tube car tires use by kids on the beaches and creek to float, but we never think of it that it can also be useful in our living room as a seating with armchairs. Just be creative to coat with strips of fabric for upholstery. The result is amazing, creative designed by Camilla H. Halvoersen.

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19 Ways to Recycled Incandescent Bulb

An incandescent light bulb is an electric light which produces light with a filament wire heated to a high temperature by an electric current passing through it, until it glows. Since this bulbs use more energy than alternatives such as CFLs and LED lamps, many governments have introduced measures to ban their use. In the US, federal law has scheduled the most common incandescent light bulbs to be phased out by 2014, to be replaced with more energy-efficient light bulbs. Traditional incandescent light bulbs were phased out in Australia last November 2009. But before it will be phased-out totally, a lot of countries are still using this kind of light bulb and a lot of busted bulb are still around. By helping the environments recycling is one of the key and here are some ways to upcycle your busted bulb.

Recycling Old Cassette Tapes into an Arts

Never throw away your old Cassette tapes, you can create art works on it and makes some money for that arts, below are some works that can be framed and serve as a wall decor.

Recycled LampShades

Dressing soda tabs each row with a ROYGBIV paint scheme


Cut assorted fabric remnants into long strips and then tie them in alternating layers around the perimeter of a metal lampshade frame

Denim scraps can be sewn together for a weathered lampshade

Fitting metal soda can tabs together like puzzle pieces will yield a slick-looking shade with a slightly industrial edge

Old picture slides, photo negatives lampshade

Pastel- and neon-coated ping-pong balls will shine new light on your design possibilities.

Rolled-up or coiled magazine pages make a surprisingly attractive lampshade

Venture down the road less traveled with a handmade map lampshade

X-ray film lampshade

Defective fluorescent lampshade


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