Soda Can Angel Ornament Tutorial

Soda Can Angel Ornament Tutorial

Detailed Information:

12 oz Soda Can
Large Beads for head
Seed Beads for Halo
Craft Wire 20 Gauge
Wire Cutter
Jewelry Pliers
Scissors for cutting Aluminum
Angel template
Craft knife
Needle Tool or Bead Reamer
Masking Tape (optional)
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Recycled Wall Christmas Trees

Small home? not enough space in your room? Here is the solution. Turn your walls into simple, inexpensive and unique display that set festive mood, colorful and impressive designs. Christmas decorating is the most fun activities of the season which convert your autumn home into a winter wonderland. A space saving and creative way to enjoy with your family while saving a budget on new christmas tree decorations.

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Recycled Christmas Ball Ornaments

Christmas trees will be blue without this traditional balls, with your creativity and imagination you can make a colorful, unique or with beautiful winter patterns recycled Christmas balls ready to hang on your Christmas tree, door entrance or as a wall decors. You can also make a small balls and put it in a jar as a table centerpieces decor. Use this balls to make your holiday original, memorable and exclusive.


Soda Can


Christmas Card Pages

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Colored Buttons


Busted Bulb

Bottle Cap

Colored Cartons


Incandecent Lamp

Newspaper Pages

Colored Magazine Page Beads

Floppy Disk

Cloth Wraps

Soda Can

Busted Christmas bulb with Glitters

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