Recycled Wall Art Designs

Give traditional wall art a fresh spin by creating your own. It's about time to redecorating our homes, which means a perfect time for some DIY inspiration. There are hundred of different ways to make amazing art for the walls of your home. Here's an  idea to fit your home and your budget. 

Magazine Pages 

Old Beer Cans  

Barcode Wall 

Book Wall  


Children's Book  

Computer KeyBoard

Paint Can  

Toilet Paper Roll  

Magazine Paper

Pencil Wall Art  

Vinyl Records Wall Art

Recycled Toy Capsules  

Vinyl Records  

Bottle Glass  

Window Shutters 

Wood Scraps  

Cool Recycled Christmas Lanterns

Yuletide season is about to come again and in preparation for the said holiday, we are going to inspire you to DIY some creative and traditional Christmas lantern (parol) decor. The ingenuity behind the parol making was done by recycled materials like plastic bottles, soda can, spoon and fork etc.

Made from Tahong Sea Shell & Bottle Caps

PET Bottles and Soda Can

Plastic Bottles and Car Tire

Plastic Spoon and Fork

Plastic Fork and Straw

Plastic Fork and Cups

Plastic Caps and Bottles


Candy Wrappers

Colored Magazine Pages

Soda Straws

Plastic Caps and Bottles

Plastic Yakult Bottles

Plastic Cups

Plastic Soda Bottles

Cool Upside-Down Christmas Trees

How would you like your holiday decor be something that was bold, sophisticated, wild, unique and interesting. Try upsideDown Christmas trees, look a bit surprising right? Seemingly it's not a new trend but it is making a comeback. The history said: in 7th century, a monk hung their christmas tree upsidedown as an evangelism tool to teach non-believers about trinity. And in the 12th century it has become the custom, especially in Europe by hanging an upsidedown tree as a symbol of Christianity. Good to know by designing your tree like this there's a less chance for your kiddos to knock off ornaments and you could fit more presents under. Easy to decorate since the widest part is at the top. The garland is a breeze, does not take up as much floor space, don’t need a fancy tree topper and are very hard to tip over. Does it make sense? Hope you turn things upside down this holiday season – literally.



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