Miniature Fairy Garden Designs

Recycled Miniature fairy garden designs in small container and flower planters gardening creates tiny realistic landscapes that reflect charming beauty of real natural setting. It's an art of capturing wonderful details that create peaceful and pleasant places. Here are some beautiful miniature garden designs created to give life on your outdoor living spaces. 

Recycling Bicycle Chain

One man's trash is another man's treasure. These recycled bicycle chains are truly a treasure, strong, durable and unique to wear. Check out how creative and stylish these "new to you" items are...!


Braided Bracelets

Hidden Link Bracelet

Twin Cable Bracelet

Wall Clock




Second Generation Chain Mail Choker

Cool Bracelet

Gold Chain Bracelet 

Cuff Bracelets

Picture Frame

Chain Bowl

Tea Light Holders



Picture Frame

Candle Holder

Recycled Christmas Wreath

Christmas spirit is already around the corner and one of it's traditional decor in every home was a christmas wreath which is usually hang on a front door. To make your wreath stand out and transform a plain wreath into a masterpiece, use a waste materials in order to create a unique and attractive decor. You can try one of this design below. 


Soda Can


Coffee Cups

Candy Bars Wrapper

Beer Can

Juice Wreath

Phone Wreath

Pop Can

PVC Pipe Wreath

 Wine Cork Wreath

Toilet  Paper Roll Wreath

Disk Wreath

Baloon Wreath

Crayon Wreath

Magazine Page Wreath

Magazine Wreath Star

Button Wreath

Newspaper Wreath

Light Bulb Wreath

Necktie Wreath

CD's Wreath

Colored Magazine Wreath

Paper Wreath

Computer Parts Wreath

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