Recycled Christmas Wreath

Christmas spirit is already around the corner and one of it's traditional decor in every home was a christmas wreath which is usually hang on a front door. To make your wreath stand out and transform a plain wreath into a masterpiece, use a waste materials in order to create a unique and attractive decor. You can try one of this design below. 

Coffee Cups

Candy Bars Wrapper

Beer Can

Juice Wreath

Phone Wreath

Pop Can

PVC Pipe Wreath

 Wine Cork Wreath

Toilet  Paper Roll Wreath

Disk Wreath

Baloon Wreath

Crayon Wreath

Magazine Page Wreath

Magazine Wreath Star

Button Wreath

Newspaper Wreath

Light Bulb Wreath

Necktie Wreath

CD's Wreath

Colored Magazine Wreath

Paper Wreath

Computer Parts Wreath

14 One of its Kind Recycling Projects

The Beauty comes from the fact that every old waste materials  can be recycled and the result will vary from your own creativity. We do love unique ideas and this time creating one of it's kind recycling projects is our topic. Choose one and try to DIY in your home.

Surprising Uses of Egg Shells

Did you know that eggs are a great source of protein, vitamins and minerals? Once you  crack the eggs and fry them up, the shells always goes to the trash. Not any more, creative minds have a usual outlook to this stuff that layperson like me cannot see in everyday things. Egg shells have some surprisingly uses of their own. They can also be recycled with style. Here are some super ways to recycle egg shells and do our bit for Mother Nature.

Egg Shells Lampshade

Creative Arts Curving

Candle Holder

Flowering Pots

Decorative Ideas



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