Recycling Styrofoam into Floor Bricks

Used styrofoam and cooking oils collected can be reused to produce a sturdy brick. 
“The two waste materials can still be useful. The Styrofoam collected from the city’s garbage will pass through a shredder. It will be placed in molders mixed with used cooking oils," The mixture is one kilo shredded Styrofoam and one and a half kilos of used cooking oil. It will be cooked through liquefied premium gas stove until it reaches 300 degree centigrade Celsius. The process takes about 20 minutes cooking and another 10 minutes to cool it down. 

A sturdy brick can be easily compared to a brick made of cement. It can be used as construction material in walk-ways in parks and patios in houses. The Styrofoam bricks are products from the city government-owned engineering landfill of Ilocos Sur, Philippines.

Approximately 30 kilos of Styrofoam are produced by the city a month. Turning Styrofoam into bricks can help the city government in containing its garbage. The city collects about three tons of garbage daily. A bulk of it are re-used and recycled like Styrofoam and cooking oil. 

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