9 Creative Bookshelves Out of Recycled Cardboard

 Awesome looking bookshelf out of nothing but recycled cardboard boxes (and some glue and brackets), the materials needed for some of this bookcase cost little or virtually nothing, but it’s a little heavy in the labor department and if you’re looking for a way to turn trash into treasure, you’ve got to try it. LINK

Variant Shelves: Libraries all over the Netherlands have suddenly found it essential to stock up on Daan Roosegaarde’s Variant shelves, a dutch design. Deftly hand-constructed out of recycled cardboard.

Cardboard bookshelf by the German designer Reinhard Dienes, this cardboard bookshelf not only looks stylish with vibrant colors such red, orange, yellow and greens but is eco friendly too since it is made from recycled cardboard.

Cardboard furniture: A fresh new product straight from London’s most reputed Gilles Miller Studio is a bookshelf that doubles up as a sculpture adorning ones’ living room or office space.

Creative Action for Forest Bookcase: Developed for Greenpeace, China which encourages book publishers to use recycled forest friendly papers, designer Jamy Yang conceived and modeled this “green bookshelf” from recycled cardboard.

Log Book Shelf:  Designed by the Australian architect Toby Horrocks, this “earthy bookcase” infuses modern living space with forest cover.

Mattoni modular furniture: Mattoni furniture unit developed by Giorgio Caporaso offers the end user a wide range of options to choose from. These modular units made especially from recycled cardboard can also be made from recycled wood or other biodegradable materials.

Mobina Bookcase: This bookcase are made from industrial cardboard roles is affixing them onto a frame and shaping them into chic book racks.

Modular Shelving System: Design by Danny Gilles, made from sustainable cardboard boxes which can be easily assembled into desired shape according to the storage space required.

The Barnyard Method: A unique infusion of rural and the contemporary modern urban lifestyle is this eco friendly bookshelf made in the shape of farm animals. Crafted from recycled cardboard.

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