Creative Garden's Flowering Pots

Love to garden? Personalize your backyard, think of things we could do to dress up our garden a little bit using some of this creative recycling garden decoration ideas. Made of useless or broken items that add interest to any landscaping design and allow to engage with natural surrounding. Handmade flower pot decorations cascading in an attractive pattern make garden designs and backyard landscaping look unique and relaxing. Aside from their interesting appearance and originality this recycled crafts show your talents and add charming details to your outdoor living spaces. 

Stunning Recycled Furniture Collection

A stylish recycled room furniture collection complete with an easy chair, side table, center table and dresser to inspired you to create.

Cable Reel

Tree Trunk Table
Pallet Furniture

Egg Cartons

Luggage Chair

Old Bottle Soda Box Chair

Sewing Machine Table


Soda Box Dresser @www.ebay.combhpwood-soda-crate

Tabletop Old License Plates


Recycled Wooden Logs

The UK government according to the statistics produces over 6 million tonnes of wood waste per annum of which over 75% is taken to landfill for disposal, despite the majority of the wood being classed as re-useable. We believed that it isn't necessary to recycle wood as it is an organic material that breaks down easily, however it is now proven that once wood is sent to landfill it is exposed to non organic materials which may then prevent wood from breaking down naturally, it may even partially decompose and release methane gas, adding to Global warming and air pollution. In order to stop timber to sent to landfill, burned non-productively or just left outside to rot why not creating this logs into something valuable as seen below.

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