Surprising Uses of Egg Shells

Did you know that eggs are a great source of protein, vitamins and minerals? Once you  crack the eggs and fry them up, the shells always goes to the trash. Not any more, creative minds have a usual outlook to this stuff that layperson like me cannot see in everyday things. Egg shells have some surprisingly uses of their own. They can also be recycled with style. Here are some super ways to recycle egg shells and do our bit for Mother Nature.

Egg Shells Lampshade

Creative Arts Curving

Candle Holder

Flowering Pots

Decorative Ideas

Simple Fruits & Goodies Paper Basket Tutorial

Discover how simple to make a basket using grocery paper bags. It's so easy to fold and paste out paper bags and then weave into cute little basket. I bet you will be making plenty of these projects as well as for storage at home.

Fun Paper Bead Crafts

The possibilities with paper beads in crafts and making jewelry are endless. It is a great way to recycle used left over junk mail, newspapers, wallpapers or pages of colorful magazines. They are inexpensive, attractive in colors and can be used in a multitude of projects. The paper is cut into thin strips and rolled them into a beads to create inexpensive crafts and unique jewelry. Support the paper beading and your jewelry making habit.

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