Upcycled Furnitures

Assorted Stuff Toys Furniture

Panda Bear Stuff Toys

Tennis Balls

Bicycle Parts


Old Painted Drums

Old Suitcase


Recycled Hanging Planters

Painted Soda Bottles Planter

Car Tyre Hanging Planter

Hanging Planter with Landscape Cloth Liner, Hanging Basket Made from Recycled Cedar Wood

Recycled Car Tyre Hanging Pots

Soda Bottle Hanging Planter

Bicycle Chainring Planter

Glass Bottles Hanging Planter

Cup and Saucer Hanging Planter

Up-Side Down Hanging Planter

Soda Bottle Hanging Planter

Cut Glass Bottles with Copper tubing Hanging Planter

Painted Plastic Bottles Stair Style Hanging Planter

Flower Pots with Wooden Support and Rope Hanging Planter

Cupcake Lights are Cool

Transform old Christmas lights by turning them into a year-round fixture adorned with cupcake liner “shades.” If possible use led lights because this bulb produces no heat and safe for the cupcake paper cases to burn. 

Recycled Glass Bottle Lamps

Glass and wine bottle lamps are fun way to decorate your home! The collection of looks and shapes of glass bottles and shades make modifications easy. Here are some ways to customize your disposable glass and wine bottles.

Grouping bottle lamps creates a great sculptural effect

Bottoms Up

Blue Swag Lamp

Crisp & White

Breezy Blue

Painted with Black & White

Quirky Cool

Red Red Wine

Rustic Charm

Black is Beautiful

Another Book Recycling

Although they are made up mostly of paper, books are difficult to recycle because of the adhesives used to bind them. Still, you can find recyclers in your area or programs that will recycle or reuse your old books. Sample images below are some ways to recycle those old and disposable books.

Disposable Books

Book Arts

Book Shelves

Book Jewelry Case

Book Sculptures

Book Counter

Book Chandelier

Stylish Book bench

Book Planters

Folded Book Decor

Book Counter

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