Picture Tutorial of Pineapple Lampshade

                                   Pineapple Lampshade Tutorial in Picture !

Attractive Neckties Fashion Trend

This nice little collection neckties gathered over the years can turn ladies dress into fashion trend. Just a little creativity and imagination with a good combination of tie shape, color and sizes, you can produce stunning recycled dresses.




Wine Bottle Barbecue Counter with Fiber Optic Lighting

Scott Cohen incorporates recycled wine and other bottles into many of his landscape design projects, including barbecue counters, spas, and backsplashes.  Colorful fiber optic lights illuminate them at night, creating a magnificent light show! Scott's article Backyards Go Green gives tips for using recycled items 
in the backyard and saving water in the landscape. LINK

Recycled wine bottle barbecue with fiber optic lighting

Scott Cohen's custom wine and martini ceramic tile backsplashes

Recycled wine bottle barbecue counter with fiber optic lighting

Scott Cohen's wine bottle spa and water feature with fiber optic lighting

Stunning Paper Fashion Show

These amazing paper dresses (in black & white picture) were designed by Sao Paulo based fashion designer Jum Nakao using one ton of paper and taking 700 hours to complete the project.



Creative Sculpture made from Old Tires

Don't let your old tires dump on a landfill space, be creative by creating a masterpiece of rubber sculpture. 

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