DIY Christmas Decor Tutorials

Need something new and unique? try this easy, creative DIY Christmas ornaments. We all know that money these days are hard to find and expensive Christmas decor aren't on top of our shopping list. The economic slump inspired a creative crafters to make simple, adorable and affordable DIY decors. Try this !

Christmas Balls from paper quilling

Christmas Cards from Colorful Paper

Christmas Decor from Wires and Ropes

Folded Plastic Ribbon

Little Christmas Tree from Rope String

Plastic Chicken Wire with Decorative Lights

Christmas Tree from Rope String and Pearls

Folded Paper Christmas Tree

Toilet Paper Roll 

Santa Hat Chair Cover

Decor from Light Bulbs

Abandoned Cars Gardening

No space to garden ? here are some creative ideas for an eyesore abandoned cars in your community to garden.

Recycled Snowman Christmas decor

Try making these creative Christmas snowman from recycled items if you live in an area where there is no snow, even if you have a snow around still you can appreciate your creativity when decorating it around the house. Enjoy!!

Baby Food Jars

Painted Pallet

Porch Spindles 

Wooden Log

Styrofoam Cup

Car Tires

CD Glitter 

Creamer Bottles


Cardboard Box

Soda Bottle

Painted Clay Pot

Plastic Bottle

Light Bulb

Paper Plates


Tin Can

Bottle Cap

Busted Incandecent Lamp

Milk Bottles

Incandecent Lamp with glitters

Magazine Pages

Plastic cups

Soda Can

Book Pages

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