Recycled Crafts from Ping Pong Balls

Plastic recycling is a part of green living and recycled crafts and creative design ideas bring fun into our life and brighten up our homes with one of a kind creations. And one of this creative ideas is to reuse Ping Pong balls. You can create unique lighting, handmade gifts, cheap house decors for the holidays and everyday life. This are one great ways of reusing items for protecting the environment.

Recycled CD's as an Art & Decor

Turn your old and defective CD's into an arts and decor.

CD Vortex Installations

Earing Stand

Hang Lighting

Shower Rings

Christmas Wreath

Wall Decor


SunBurst Clock



Broken CD into Hightech Shoes

Upcycled Rusty Bed Springs

Clean and spray with paints those old rusty bed springs on your junkyard and turn them into an amazing DIY crafts. You need not be a super creative craftsman, all you need is a little ideas and willingness to do it. I'm showing you some creative project ideas below so that your work will become easier. So grab those bed springs and DIY now!

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