Another Recycled and Creative Lightings

Recycled Books Lighting

Teapots,Teacups and Saucers Table Lamp

Beer Bottles Chandelier

Milk Bottle Chandelier

Softdrinks Bottles

Recycled Tube Light

Recycled Fluorecent Lamp

Recycled Secondhand Clothing

Recycled Suit Tote Bags

Recycled Clothing Plush and Padded Furniture

Alphabet Pillows Second Hand Textile Clothing Clutter

T Shirt Necklace 

Recycled Ties Scarf

Recycled Jeans Bag

Recycled Jeans Purse

Recycled Glove Scarf

Neck Tie Dress

Fabric Necklace

House of Recycled Materials

House of Reused Soup Cans

Plastic Bottle Caps Recycled to Decorate Home in Russia

Recycle 7000 Plastic Bottles into a Colorful Shingled Roof

Recycled Materials used for Home Building

Recycled Plastic Bottle House Built in Nigeria

Recycled Hanging Decor

Bottle Wind Chimes

Wine Bottle Wind Chimes

Flower Branch made of Toilet Rolls

Toilet Rolls

Reused Spoon Hook 

Spoon Hook Design

Flower Pots Made from Reused Slipper 

Flower Pots Made from Top Plastic Bottles 

Recycled Bracelets

Pencil Bracelets

Used Toothbrush

Bicycle Chain

Used Metal Tape Measure

Used Zippers

Small Safety Pin Cuff 

Plastic Bread Bags

Pepsi Soda Can Charm

Silver Spoon 

Soda Can 

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