21 Impressive DIY Coat Hooks

Most of us wants to have a great first impression of our coat hook or racks in our house. I know what you're thinking, coat hooks aren't cool, who says they can't be? Hang on! because they're about to get blown your mind, they go to the next level. By acquiring this project is to experience the satisfaction of extending the lifespan of frequently discarded items. This might give you awesome inspiration to make your own DIY coat hooks...

BallPen Hammer

Umbrella Handle

Toy Cars

Cloth Hangers

Doll's Hand & Feet

Spoon Hook

Bicycle Chain

Water Pipes

Bicycle Hand Brakes

Forks Hook

Animal Toys

Tree Branches

Bullet Shells

Tea Pots

Golf  Clubs


Wine Bottle Hat Rack

Door Knobs

Water Fittings

Paint Brush

Dart Wall Hook

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