Mirror.. Mirror on the Wall Recycled Frame

Did you know that an average girls are spending 3 hours and 19 minutes in a week, about 5 days in a year of their lives in front of the mirror. And the first thing they look at after getting up in the morning are the mirror. That's the fact, it's part of our daily live and so mirror should be beautiful to watch. Care should be given by creating it's frame a unique look. All you need is a bit of inspiration and creativity. Below are some amazing ideas in trasforming your mirror in a good sight, just like making yourself beautiful in front of it. So get out your glue gun, drill and light kit and let these pictures inspire you!

Sea Shells & Stones
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Tree Branches

Magazine Pages

Sun Burst Magazine Pages
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Wine Corks
Koi Soda Can Mirror

Popcicle Sticks Mirror

Floor Tiles Mosaic Mirror

45 RPM Vinyl Record

Colored Magazine Pages

Plastic Spoons

Vintage Jewelled Mirror

CD's Pieces Mirror
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Cloth Pins
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Toy Car Mirror

Painted Toys Mirror

Ropes Mirror

Mosaic Soda Can Mirror
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