Recycle your Bicycle Parts !

If you are an individual with a bicycle or two, or bicycle parts and accessories that are hanging around your basement, it is usually most practical and cost effective to reuse and recycling it for another purposes. Even if you don't have the hankering to be a craftsperson, as long as you are motivated, there are instructions floating around the Internet on how to make crafts like belts and wallets from busted tubes and picture frames from chains. Like the bike Rims, you have been given second lives as furniture, Inner tubes have a lot of secondary uses before they need to be discarded, Chains can be use by local artists for creative pieces. Generally bicycle tires can be recycled in the same manner as vehicle tires. So here are some creative uses for your waste bicycle parts and accessories to copy. Enjoy!


Snow Mobile

Water Purifier 

Bicycle Wheel Dome

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