Heavy Metal Waste to Art Sculpture

At first glance you can't tell that this sculpture are made of heavy metals but taking a closer look reveals their origin. Junk metal is transformed into an amazing sculptures. A chair made by bread knife and a metal spoon, old screws turn into a bowl, bicycle chain and gear into a miniature animals, metal chain into a table and more.

image credit: www.mudgeebusiness.com/art

image credit: www.dailyartfixx.com

image credit: batona.net

image credit: bikeloversworld.blogspot.com

image credit: gajitz.com

image credit: www.cdn.decoist.com

image credit: www.leahbraemel.com

image credit: www.walyou.com

image credit: www.bigbobz.com

image credit: www.brianmock.com

image credit: www.criatives.com.br

image credit: www.dailyartmuse.com

image credit: www.flickr.com/kathisgardenart

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