501's Old Denim Jeans Projects

Having 501's old denim jeans that have simply seen better days when it comes to fashion, then consider creating something cool with them, save them from the dumpster and give them new life as something totally unexpected. Jeans get better with age as the fabric gets softer, so the older the better! If you don't have enough of your own jeans to create a big projects you want, you can always ask at the Thrift Store, they get many donations of jeans but some are just too far gone to even sell in the store and they tend to get rid of them. So be able to ask for them. Initiative takes in all the old, ripped, overly-acid washed, and never to be worn again jeans lying around and recycles them into sustainable, eco-friendly.

Fashion Dresses



Pouch Bags


PencilCase Cover

Braided Rug

Notebook Cover


Fashion Dresses

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Denim Shoes

Laptop Sleeves

Pillow Cases

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Pouch Bag


Pouch Bag


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