Recycled Mason Jar Snow Globes Tutorial

Create a Winter Wonderland in a Jar, almost any kind of jar will works for this decors: olive jars, Baby-food, and pimiento are all good choices. Try to buy plastic or ceramic figurines at flea markets, craft store and hobby.

Materials needed:
mason jars and other jars of various sizes such as salt shakers, 
spice jars, jam jars, pickle jars
Small christmas trees
other holiday items you may want to glue
mini ball ornaments
glue gun
Epsom salts  

Take a various trees and glued them to the lids of the jars.  Added a little Epsom salt to desired amount into the jar. Close the lid and turn upside down. That's it!

A different jar, Took little trees and glued the ornaments onto the bottom of the trees and then put them in the jar upside down, added salt, closed the jar and those just float freely.

Such a simple project and so impressive! You'll love upcycling items you already have laying around.

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