24 Most Creative DIY Planter Ideas

To delight our love of nature, many of us have been taking up gardening, growing at least part of our own food and energize our lawns with fruits, vegetables and flowers. Fancy and creative planters are part of this. There are an endless ways to craft your own planters from found objects around your home, basement or yard. Little work is required to make one and some are involves simple paintings. These 24 DIY planter ideas are so unique that we couldn't resist to share. As the old adage goes for planters: what once was useless can flourish with the life of new plants!

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Recycling Old Skateboard

Do you have a bunch of old skateboards lying around your house from years of skating? Even though many considered it disposable and can't rove the streets anymore doesn't mean they're useless. Now you can still do something with it. You only need simple and creative ideas to convert old skateboards into unique household stuff. From lightings to benches to even bookends. 

Creative Ways to Recycled Old Stuff

Looking around our house, we do have a lots of stuff in which we no longer use and serve any purpose and we still have trouble getting rid of it. Well be a little bit of creative by reusing and recycling this garbage things around. 

Old Suitcase

Key Holder

Bike Wheel Clock

Drum Kit into Chandelier

Bottle Caps Into Tea Lights

Bottles Into Pendant Lamps

CD Spindle Into Sandwich Holder

Glass Marbles Into Fence Decor

Old Bathtub Into Couch

Old Computer Casing Into Mailbox

Old Ladder Into Bookshelf

Old Piano Into Bookshelf

Old Piano Into Outdoor Fountain

Old TV Into Aquarium

Tennis Rackets Into Mirrors

Old Cassette Tape Into Purse

Toilet Seat Into a Wall Mirror

Rubber Boots Into Bag

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