Recycled Wine Cork

What do you do with that cork you just popped out of a wine bottle? Most likely you throw it away. Cork is a renewable crop; cork tree barks grow back nine years after harvest. Why not keep the cycle going with used corks? We all pop more than 13 billion corks every year. So here are some uses of thrown out cork.

Cork Pot Holder

Cork Chair

Bath Mat


Reclaimed Flooring

Pot Holder

Cork Bat Mat

Cork Chair

Recycled Wine Cork Stopper Stool Set

Cork Planter

Cork Art

Recycle Office Furniture

Wine Corks to Give a Plain Basket a New Life

1 comment:

  1. Very beautiful and creative projects, especially the cork planter. It is very interesting that I see some creative people who likes their environment and try to recycle the waste.


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