Plumbing PVC Pipes Recycled

When we say PVC pipe we all have in mind it is use in plumbing works, but not any more.. reusing PVC is totally versatile for tons of crafts from artistic to the practical. With your creativity and imagination, you can make functional and useful pieces out of PVC pipes. It can be easily cut, paint, drill and even glue it. Here at How-to-Recycle you will be surprised when you see all the amazing stuffs you can make out of recycled PVC pipes. Start browing now !!


Power Tools Organizer

Shed Organizer

Laptop Stand

Kitchen Organizer

Hairdryer Stand

Silverware Dispenser  

Stemware Rack 

Vase Centerpiece  

Wine Rack 

Candle Holder Centerpiece

Desk Organizer 


Drawer Organizer 

Gardening Ideas - Verticle Planter 

Strawberries Planters

CutOut Light  

Coiled Hose Storage

Indoor Planters

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