Eco-Friendly Jewelry Earrings

Take a good look.... hard to believe that these fabulous eco-friendly jewelry earrings are made from pre-consumer waste and throw away materials. Fun, funky and look great with any outfit. Each pairs are originally handmade using discarded newspaper, soda can tabs, used pencil, computer parts then fashioned into beautiful pieces of jewelry. Perfect for eco-friendly shopper, gift for a friend, family members or even a treat for yourself! 

Soda Tab Earrings

Beaded Can Tab Earrings

Sim Card Earrings

Circuit Board Earrings

Puzzle Pieces Earrings

Soda Tab Earrings

Colored Pencil Earrings

KeyBoard Buttons Earrings

Paper Beads Earrings

Buttons Earrings

Electronic Resistor Earrings

Computer Circuit Board Earrings

Bottle Cap Earrings

Coins Earrings

Bicycle Chain Earrings

Metal Button Earrings

Got Pepsi. . . Soda Can Button Earrings 

Scrabble Tiles Earrings

Domino Tiles Earrings

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