Creative Ideas on Reuse Plastic Grocery Bags !

Grocery plastic bags are non-biodegradable  and very harmful to our environment when dispose improperly. So when ever you try to throw away plastic grocery bags, think twice and imagine those living things on wildlife. Be creative and reuse those bags.

Plastic Grocery Bags


Plastic Bag Basket

Baby's Hat



Shoulder Bag 

Crochets Baseball Cap

Sleeping Mats

Fashion Shoulder Bag

Crochets Handbag

Plastic Bag Chandelier
These designs featured in the NY Times by Stuart Haygarth. A puffy chandelier in the home of Tyler Velten was made by draping used plastic grocery bags over 11-watt lightbulbs. (A wire-mesh basket around each bulb keeps the chandelier from melting or bursting into flames.)

Plastic Bag Chair
This is from ryan frank free range furniture collection. An armchair made entirely from reused plastic grocery bags. The chair is upholstered using a South African craft technique – Made entirely from plastic grocery bags on a steel frame.

Plastic Bag Shoes
Yes, Dacca offers fine fashion, all weather footwear that started life as bags. Waterproof boots constructed based on the reuse of plastic grocery bags. Through the process of fusing the bags of heat is generated a thicker sheet and resilient retaining the properties of polypropylene, which are among others, waterproof, flexible, lightweight, non-toxic, which keeps you in contact with skin. This new sheet, you can use various graphics that are provided by the same advertising bags. Inside the boots are lined with quilted pique fabric, preventing perspiration of the foot and make them more comfortable. In As for colors, these can vary considerably due to the diversity of bags on the market.

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