Recycling Sound of Music "Landfill Harmonic"

Creating a musical instrument from found objects is a combination of music and ecology.  “Think a musical instrument made from junked material will sound like, well, junk? Think again: “Landfill Harmonic" A film about a garbage picker, a music teacher and a group of children from a Paraguayan slum who play instruments made entirely of garbage. Landfill Harmonic is a beautiful story about the transformative power of music, which also highlights two vital issues of our times: poverty and waste pollution. The story develops in one of the poorest slums in Latin America. Just outside Asuncion, Paraguay; Cateura is the city’s trash dump. It is built on a landfill. Here, people live in a sea of garbage. And they live from garbage. The film portrays some of the children who learned to play violin, flute, drums, cello, string bass, and how a youth orchestra is born. They call it “The Recycled Orchestra”. Coming soon. On January 2014.
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A Recycled Orchestra from Paraguay

The Amazing Landfill Harmonic Orchestra

The Cello

Trumpet with Worthless Coins

The Violin

Watch this Amazing Video !

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