Chicken Wire Sculptures

These wonderful and interesting sculptures get even more interesting when you realize that they are made entirely out of chicken wire mesh. This innovative artists create a series of exquisite sculptures, including popular artist portraits, a koala bear, a monkey, lion and more. Besides, some folk artisans make chicken-wire Christmas balls by rolling chicken wire into a ball and attaching Christmas lights to it. It's amazing to see what can be created out of unconventional materials.

John Lennon Portraits by Ivan Lovatt Sculpture

Koala Bear by Ivan Lovatt

Baboons by Kendra Haste at the Tower of London, Image by Blue Valhalla

Bull by Ivan Lovett of UK

Lion by Kendra Haste for Tower of London 'Royal Beasts' Exhibition

Panda by Benedetta Mori Ubaldini

Polar Bear by Kendra Haste

Bike Rider by Derek Kinzett, UK

Seated Lady by Derek Kinzett, UK

Dog Wire Sculpture

Chicken Wire Sculpture - Eagle Ground

Waiting by Derek Kinzett

The Reader by Derek Kinzett

The Poser by Derek Kinzett 

MJ Portraits by Ivan Lovatt 

Chicken Wire Sculpture by Derek Kinzett

Wire Sculpture by Mattia Trotta, Venice

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  1. So talented! These sculptures are beautiful.


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