Kitchen Recycled Ideas

Recycling is an amazing things to do! Using old stuff for second time is great! When it comes to kitchen design and hacks there are many ideas on how to use old items. Here are some recycle kitchen ideas you can start with.

Pallet for organizing your kitchen pots and pans

Store utensils in vintage trophies 

Hanging Jars Kitchen Storage

Old rake recycled into kitchen accessories holder

Tin Cans to Store Kitchen Utensils

Wooden Pallet Kitchen Wall Shelves

Wine & Spices Rack Mounted on Kitchen Wall

Roll of brown paper and old ruler makes infinite place for grocery lists

Arrange utensils and cloths on an old shutter door

Close off bags with a bottle top

Plastic softdrink soda bottles as container

Store knives safely in bamboo skewers

Use an old rake as a wineglass holder

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