One of a Kind Recycled Necklaces

This recycled necklaces are made from almost 100% recycled materials, inspired by nature and its conservation, each neckpiece is one of a kind. In a glance, we can’t really notice it’s made out of recycled materials. It may look funny to wear, but the idea to create such a beautiful piece is an art. So people out there, do you find any creative ideas in recycling your necklaces? This is what I called creative arts. 

Used Colored Pencils

Used Beverage Straws

Colored Pencils

Used Fabric Zipper

Tie Bib Necklace

Jigsaw Puzzle Necklace  

Painted Safety Pins

Bicycle Chain Parts

Electronic LED

Bottle Caps Necklace

Hair Pins Necklace

Fork Necklace

Circuit Board Necklace

Electronic Board 

Colored Paper Necklace

Plastic Bottle Necklace

Soda Tab Necklace

Colored Buttons

Used Christmas Light Necklace

Bottle Caps Necklace

Magazine Pages Necklace

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