Recycled Christmas Wreath-2

Today I'am inspired to post about the creativity of recycled Christmas wreaths. Aside from being so colorful they can also add a sense of elegance to your door room or walls or they can be look completely tacky, depending on how you made it. Since a wreath is a repeating pattern wrapped in a circle, you can create them out of practically anything.

Aluminum Cans  (image:

Old Bicycle Wheel


Folding Newspaper German Stars (image:

Plastic Bags (image:

Reused CD

Toilet Tissue Roll

Crayons (image:

Necktie (image:

Colored Magazine Pages  (image:

Puzzle Pieces

  Old Sweaters (image:

Buttons (

Electronic Parts (image:

Coffee Sleeves
If you drink a lot of take-out coffee, 
this is a great way to re-use the coffee sleeves
make a wreath out of them.

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