Amazing Ways to Save Chopsticks

Billions of millions of chopsticks are dump around the world each year. The most widespread use of disposable chopsticks is in Japan, where around a total of 24 billion pairs are used each year. In China, an estimated 45 billion pairs of disposable chopsticks are produced yearly. (according to Wikipedia). Not sure how many are thrown away in the U.S., but you know it’s not a small number. And a few recycling initiatives around the world directly address this problem. So if you can’t recycle them, upcycle them! Here are some great ideas.

8,000 Chopsticks Into a Collapsible Chair

Canoe made from disposable chopsticks

Chopstick Dress

Chopstick Flower Vase

Chopstick Fruit Basket

Chopstick Koo Bag

Chopstick Table Lamp

Chopstick Sandals

Chopstick Stools

Chopstick Lighting

Chopstick Wall

Chopstick Wine Rack

Chopstick Bins

Chopsticks Create Stunning Wooden Clouds Inside LA’s Tsujita Restaurant

Hashi Mori Chopstick Forest

 Chopstick Folding Basket

Chopstick Wall Art

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