Bring Back to Life an Old Tennis Rackets

You don't have to waste a lot of dollar to have an amazing and colorful art in your house or making a gift or project for a tennis wimbledon wannabe,  all you have to do is to look into your garage and attic for an old one or just go to a thrift stores and market where an old wooden tennis and badminton rackets are a common sight. They will definitely be an interesting talking point in your house. Not only do they look so creative but also serves a practical purpose!


Coat Hanger

Coffee Table

Birds Cage

Jewelry Organizer

Jewelry Organizer

Racks & Coffee Table



Light Shade

Wall Decor Best on Entrance to a Tennis Club

Another Wall Decor

Dining Table

Wall Shelves

Wall Clock

Wall Divider

Wall Mirror

Magazine Rack

19 Ways to Recycled Incandescent Bulb

An incandescent light bulb is an electric light which produces light with a filament wire heated to a high temperature by an electric current passing through it, until it glows. Since this bulbs use more energy than alternatives such as CFLs and LED lamps, many governments have introduced measures to ban their use. In the US, federal law has scheduled the most common incandescent light bulbs to be phased out by 2014, to be replaced with more energy-efficient light bulbs. Traditional incandescent light bulbs were phased out in Australia last November 2009. But before it will be phased-out totally, a lot of countries are still using this kind of light bulb and a lot of busted bulb are still around. By helping the environments recycling is one of the key and here are some ways to upcycle your busted bulb.

New Crafty Life for your Old Keys

If you've got a drawer having a tons of keys and don't know what to do with them, well we've got an new crafty life ideas for your old keys. Since we lose track of what old keys fit where and their function is lost... then be inspired and discover a ways and let those tons of keys open the doors to something new and surprisingly different. Here are some DIY ideas for your old keys.

Lighting Fixture


Football Decor

Fruits Bowl

Wine Glass & Bottle Decor


Wall Sculpture


Wall Decor








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How to Recycle