Cool and Creative Recycled Benches

Help the environment and give people a place to relax with this cool recycled benches. These are unique and perfect indoor or outdoor accessory for schools, parks, golf courses, walking trails and commercial applications. Let the people sit on the side of our environment.

Old Car Bench

Snowboard Bench

Drum Bench

Metal Junk Bench

 Bench of Thought

Bicycle Inner Tube Bench

Cardboard Bench

Foldable Newspaper Bench

Magazine/Newspaper Bench

Keyboard Bench

Skateboard Bench

Ski Bench

Cardboard Bench

Wine Cork Projects

Wine cork projects are the best way for a regular wine drinkers to make use of their cork collection. Rather than sending those wine corks to waste, challenge yourself of coming up with clever ways to reuse them... Whether you have just a few wine corks or a ton, there’s a project waiting for you. See them below!

Cool Recycled Stool Ideas

Plastic Bottles
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Cardboard Tubes
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Bottle Cap
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Tree Branches
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Car Tires
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Plastic Softdrink Bottles 


Egg Carton


Decorative Jars and Bottles

Tailor's Accessories

Bottle Chandelier

Flower Vase

Flower Vases

Snowman Milk Bottles

Jar Lights

Hanging Vase Bottles

Bottles Centerpiece

Outdoor Bottle Candle Chandelier

Jars Candle Lamp

Painted Bottles

Bottle Picture Displays

Colored Sand Vases

Butterfly Oasis

Sand Art in Recycled Jars

Bottle Chandelier

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