Amazing Junk Art Sculptures Made from Everyday Waste

Junk art sculptures are made of things we ignore and throw away everyday like calculators, old cell phones, golf balls, action figures,  computer cables, Coke bottles, old baby dolls, toys or any kind of recognizable objects of plastic, metal and wood. These are used to create artistic things gathered together that resemble life-like human and animal  forms. A well finished figures done in special technique resulting to a very nice and unique junk sculpture. Made by some famous junk artist like Leo Sewell, Dario Tironi, Robert Bradford, joe Pogan, Gabriel Dishaw and more. Make it as your next project !!

Recycled Fashion Accessories

Recycling and methods of using other waste resources is gaining popularity these day and people are becoming more aware of it day by day. Most popular fashion designers and fashion enthusiast have come up with some truly creative, unusual and amazing ideas and created innovative fashion accessories using waste and upcycled materials such as soda cans, paper, plastic and more... 
Soda Tab Pouch

Soda Can Bracelet

Bracelets from Sneakers

Footballs Converted into Hand Bags and Pouches

Clutches from Soda Can

Handbag from Soda Can

Fashion Soda Can Bag

Necklace made of Recycled Metal Pins

Vinyl Records Bags

Safety Pin Cuff Bracelet

Telephone Wire Eco Bracelets

Using Drink Cans, Bottle Tops, Carrier Bags, and Plastic Bottles

Repurposed Tennis Balls

 It's annoying to see tennis balls laying all over the road and people just pick it up and throw them to their house or dogs and just leave it there. It's so wasteful for an objects that can be used for a greater good, easily reused and recycled. So here are some creative furniture and interior design which are made out of recycled tennis balls that you can make.


Chair and Coffee Table

Dog Bed

Folding Wallet


iPhone 4 Cover Sleeve

Mobile Phone Sleeve

Love Seat

Mini Bag

Office Chair

Multi Purpose Office Holder

Pen Case



Candle Holder Design

Noise Protector

Creative Recycling Ideas for Backyard Decorating

This recycling backyard decorating ideas will create harmony and peace outdoors...

Recycled Broken Pots 

 Candle Light Garden Decorations

Creative Handmade Garden Decorations

Outdoor Bamboo Kitchen Sink

Garden Tool Organizer Made of Old Broken Rake

Recyled Old Car Tires Flower Planters

Old Gardening Tools Folding Table

Old Wooden Ladder Backyard Decorating Ideas

Shoes for Planter

Old Bag as Flower Planter

Stumps Decorated Like Mushrooms

Wood Pallet Gardens

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